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Pro Broach

Technical Description

The Pro Broach Hand Operated Notch Broaching Machine is designed for test houses and laboratories, which are producing small batches of test pieces in carbon steels, easily machined low alloy steels, non-ferrous and plastic materials.

The machine is of robust construction designed to be mounted on our specially designed bench or on a customer's bench.

This hand operated machine will cut Charpy and Izod 'V' and 'U' notches in pre-machined standard 10mm square.
Hand operation makes it ideal for small batch quantities.

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Method of operation

  • The broach is mounted in a square section rack and secured at the top & bottom by clamps.
  • Adjusting screws built into the machine body are set to obtain the correct depth of notch and its position along the specimen.
  • Once set, the adjusting screws provide repeatability for the next specimen.
  • The broach can easily be removed, for re-sharpening or replaced to cut a different type of notch.
  • The sample is secured in the machine by two clamp screws.
  • A light coating of cutting oil is to be applied to the broach and then the hand wheel is operated which draws the broach through the specimen to produce an accurate notch profile.
  • After the notch has been cut, the sample is removed, the broach raised and the broach teeth cleaned, ready for the next sample.


Ram Stroke
"V" Notch preparation degree
Jobs possible to do
Izod Specimen Charpy Specimen
Specimen Size
Izod - 10 x 10 x 75
Charpy - 10 x 10 x 55
Machine Dimension
L x W x H
500mm x 254mm x 1360mm
Weight of Machine
65 Kg.
Standard Accessories V Broach
1 No.