• Model Unitek 9700 Series with Interface & Real Time Graph
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Model Unitek 9700 Series with Interface & Real Time Graph

Electro Mechanical Universal Testing Machines UNITEK 9700 Series with Interface & Real Time Graph ( Panel / PC Controlled )

Technical Description :
FIE Universal Testing Series Unitek 9700 are microprocessor based Electromechanical machines with Servo drive designed for testing & Studying mechanical behavior of various materials like metals, polymers Etc. These machines offer good built-in features to offer excellent stand alone performance for standard tests & great flexibility for complex analysis. These machines confirm to IS, BS & ASTM standards.

Main Features :

  • Precision DC Servo motor & drive with ball lead screw gives an advanced drive system with 1 to 1000 standard speed range.
  • Computerised Microprocessor based instrumentation to measure display & store load & displacement value.
  • Provision for load cell interchangeability & thereby automatic selection of load full scale.
  • Speed selection through Data entry or variable speed selector through potentiometer.

  • Facility for mounting different load cells & clamping devices to suit different tests & materials such as thin wires, metalsheets, fiberglass, leathers, springs, cardboards etc.
  • Built-in parallel interface to connect printer for data & curve print-out.
  • Safety interlock for overload & limit switch sensing to ensure protection during test.
  • Universal applications in R & D, education, quality control & production for test like tensile, compression, bending etc.

Electronic Control Panel : (Series Universal 2001)

  • Microprocessor based panel incorporating state of art technology with following features.

  • Front Panel membrane type key board for machine operation with numeric keys for data entry.

  • 7segment display.

  • Auto load cell identification.

  • Data entry with numeric keyboard of test parameters including speeds, rupture % peak, preload, modulus data , test data & specimen data etc.

  • 20input data set storage, 50 results storage, maintains data & results during power off.

  • Batch test facility for generating batch & statistics result using same data set.

  • optional remote to ease specimen loading/unloading.

  • RS 232C serial port, Optional windows based software available for.....

  • On line graph on PC. Data analysis, statistics, point tracing superimposing graphs to compare with standard, zooming graph etc.

Printer port for printer interface with .....

  • Graph & result printout.

  • Test certificate printout.

  • Batch certificate printout.

  • Simple statistic printout.

Optional Accessories :
FIE offers a wide range of optional accessories along with unitek 9700 Machines to cover almost every material test requirement.

Load Cells :
FIE offers Strain gauge type Universal load cells in different capacities in the following nominal ranges :
100N, 250N, 1kN, 2.5kN. Load cells of different capacity can be offered as per customers requirements.

Grip & Clamping Devices :

A wide range of grips are available from FIE such as :

  • Vise type grips.
  • Single threaded grips.
  • Compression Plates.
  • Bending Fixtures.
  • Shearing Attachments.

Extenso meters :
Electronic analog extensometers are offered along with interface card on the control panel to measure with a resolution of 1 micron.

  • Model : EE2-STRAIN GAUGE

Serial Communication & Software Package on PC
The Universal 2001 series control panel can be hooked to any PC using RS-232 communication port. FIE offers different windows based software packages with real time graph on PC to enable the user to effectively evaluate different parameters.

The features include :

  • Real time graph, User friendly software.
  • Extensive graphics on screen for curve plotting, magnification and zooming.
  • Software features includes Graph comparison, point tracing facility. Different units selection for load & displacement.
  • Statistical evaluation with water fall dig., Mean deviation, frequency distribution, Skew dig., Historigram. Also calculates max. value, min. value, mean value, Variance, Standard Deviation.(Other statistical parameters on request). Selectable batch & statistical printouts.
  • Evaluation of wide range of user selectable parameters such as % elongation, % reduction in area, young's modulus, yield stress, proof stress etc.
  • Software packages for Shear, Bend, Torsion, Rubber, Textile etc.
  • Custom built application software to suit customer requirements.

Specification :

Model No.
UNITEK 97025
Load range
Load resolution
1 st range :
0 - 40% of F.S.
1 / 20000 of nominal load cell connected.
1 / 20000 of nominal load cell connected.
2 st range :
0 - 100% of F.S.
1 / 10000 of nominal load cell connected.
1 / 10000 of nominal load cell connected.
3rd Range : 
40 - 100% of F.S.
1 / 4000 of nominal load cell connected.
1 / 4000 of nominal load cell connected.
Load measuring accuracy
±1% from 2% to 100% of nominal load of loadcell used.
±1% from 2% to 100% of nominal load of loadcell used.
Max. Crosshead Stoke
800 ( Without grips & load cell )
800 ( Without grips & load cell )
Crosshead Displacement measurement
Crosshead speed range
power upply
230 VAC, 50 Hz Single Phase
230 VAC, 50 Hz Single Phase
• Optional : EE2 Extensometer, Software Package

Due to constant R & D Specifications & Features are subject to change without notice.